Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

To the absolutely greatest mother on Earth!!!

I doubt there are enough words throughout the entirety of the internet that could adequately describe how amazing you are. You've taught me so much, you've shown me how to perservere, and you've shown me how to be an understanding person. Without doubt I can say that you have shaped me to become a great human. I strive to be someone that you can be proud of in a way that I think would reflect what you've taught me.
p.s. thank you for playing those memory games when I was little. It's probably my best and most personal skill :)

You're funny, kind, brilliant, and beautiful. You grace the world with your prescence and for that the world owes it to you to tell you Happy Mother's Day <3

I really like haiku's and I really love you. Seems to me that they go together; so I wrote one for you :)

Sunshine longs to be
as warm and kind as you are
pretty Sunflower

Mom's Sunflower